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Spinal Care

Both Suzanne and Abby have completed courses in manual and manipulative therapy. They are able to manipulate, mobilize and prescribe exercises for all areas of the spine. They also carry out soft tissue techniques and use trigger point needling and acupuncture should the patient require it.  Abby has completed The Everyday Shoulder course, ran by Asst. Prof. Craig Allingham and the BPPV Workshop for Physiotherapists.

Work Injuries

Workplace assessments and graduated return to work programmes along with appropriate physiotherapy treatments.

Sports Injuries

Abby and Suzanne are conversant with all the latest strapping and taping techniques and actively involved in playing sport. Suzanne has recently completed a Kinesio Taping Course.

Complex Pain

We love the challenge of complex pain; we utilize acupuncture, graded exercise programs and laser.

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